Touching Up ColorSelect™️ Siding

Brad the Builder shares important information about touching up Woodtone's ColorSelect siding.
  • How-Tos

In this video, Brad is working on installing Woodtone’s prefinished siding product, ColorSelect. ColorSelect has a 30 year no fade limited warranty. It features UV-absorbing technology and tracers and comes in lap, panels, shakes and trim in fiber cement or engineered wood.

Woodtone’s prefinished products are manufactured to be installed upon delivery to the job site. Extra care and attention should be given to ensure the product is not damaged prior to installation. As you may know, it’s easy to ding and scratch siding while installing. Brad can show you how to fix those marks when they happen. When unintentional damage does occur, one should first consider if the damaged piece should be cut back or attempt to it touch up.


Prior to touching up always:

  • Check the touch-up color ordered is correct
  • Mix the paint well
  • Do not allow touch up paint to freeze
  • Test the color on the sample piece or hidden area of siding/trim before applying

It’s important that you touch up your siding within 30 days of installation. When you start your touch-up, make sure you start with a small and out of sight area, to ensure the touch up is a match.

Once you are ready to touch up, follow these instructions:

  1. Touch up only areas that are smaller than a dime. We recommend that you replace panels with areas of damage larger than a dime.
  2. Apply a thin layer of provided coating to the scratch using a small detail brush
  3. Wipe away excess coating with a foam brush for the desired appearance
  4. Repeat until satisfied with the appearance

Using a small paint brush, use a feathering technique to ensure the touch-up blends in. Once you’re finished touching up, you’ll have beautifully consistent prefinished siding.

To ensure your siding stays fresh and beautiful you may also want to do ongoing maintenance.


Periodic washing of factory finished or field painted Woodtone products with water and mild detergent will remove accumulated dirt. To keep your siding looking it’s best for years to come, the condition of the paint must be inspected and maintained. If you ever want to repaint first remove any damaged, chipped or cracked paint. Make sure that the surface is properly cleaned and sanded. Repaint immediately using a good quality acrylic paint in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s application instructions. If you follow these few steps, you are sure to have a beautiful looking home that will last for many years. Thanks for joining me, and until next time!