Touching Up RusticSeries™️ Siding

Brad the Builder focuses on touching up Woodtone's RusticSeries siding products.
  • How-Tos

Hey everyone, today we’re going to be focusing on touching up Woodtone’s RusticSeries siding products. The technique for touching up the two-tone siding is a little different than solid color siding.

RusticSeries touch-up kits come with the coating, a fine paintbrush, and a foam applicator. As always, touch up must be completed within 30 days of installation. Anything larger than a dime should be cut out of the board and discarded. You should start with a small, out of sight area to ensure the touch up is a match. Keep in mind that this application; the less paint the better. Touch-up kits are available online at or through your local dealer.

Sometimes over time efflorescence can appear on fiber cement siding. Efflorescence is a naturally occurring, white, powdery deposit that can appear on cement-based building materials. It is the result of a process in which moisture draws salt crystals to the surface, evaporates, and leaves a chalky substance behind. What can be done about it? Vinegar and water solution: Efflorescence can be removed with a dilute solution of household white vinegar and water. The dilution ratio is 20 to 50% vinegar in water by volume. For most cases of efflorescence, a 25% solution works well to clear it away.

Thanks for joining me today, and until next time!