Design Awards

Woodtone strives to recognizes design and building professionals for spectacular and best-in-industry use of Woodtone products. Submit your project details today to be considered for our Design awards!

What You Will Win

Winners of awards will have their project featured:

  • Across our website
  • Highlighted in our social channels
  • In printed designs including our product catalogue, in-store displays and for promotional use

To be considered for Woodtone Design Awards, you must submit a project that features Woodtone products. A minimum of three portfolio-quality photos must be submitted to support your application and photos must be able to be used in all promotional activity for Woodtone. Including but not limited to, web, print, in-store and for promotional use across all channels. Woodtone reserves the right to use project name, images, and description to their discretion for promotional activity. Woodtone will select winners based on their judgement, and not all submissions will be selected. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the above terms.