With over 40 years of history behind us, Woodtone has remained involved in the steadily increasing movement towards the development of environmentally-friendly products and practices. As a company, not only have we fully embraced this movement, but we’ve worked hard to incorporate this into a larger framework.

The Woodtone Way For Environmental Sustainability

The Woodtone Way defines our direction for environmental sustainability, combining our people, our community and our environment into a common thread that is woven throughout everything we do. From the products that we make to the packaging we use to the programs and practices we adhere to, sustainability is a core value in our business.

We are passionate about helping to shape the perception of wood as a sustainable resource and educating consumers on the properties of wood building materials and the important role they play in the building materials industry. #WoodIsGood!



Wood and the 3 R’s

The versatility of wood building products allows us to reduce waste on the job site, optimizing the materials we use. Any excess can be taken to recovery plants to be recycled or reused by another builder or homeowner without further wood harvest.

A Renewable Resource

British Columbia is known as a global leader in sustainable forest management. For each tree harvested, a minimum of four is planted. The suppliers we work with hold themselves to the highest standard of responsible forest management.

A Great Supply

Each year, less than 0.3% of public forests are logged. Due to responsible forestation requirements, forest growth is reported as exceeding harvest every year, in the United States and in Canada alike.

In all three of our facilities, Woodtone employees are passionate about maintaining our environmental impact. The following is an outline of the daily activities our teams are committed to that contribute to our overall goals.


  • Water-based coating is used to reduce environmental impact
  • Paint recycling program reduces waste
  • Forklifts are electrically-powered


  • Lumber wrap is biodegradable
  • Packaging materials are 100% recyclable
  • In-house chipping and baling are collected for third-party recycling


  • Employment of environmental services for coating/paint recycling and reuse
  • Collection systems for scrap wood/pallets, cardboard, and general waste