Jillian Harris – How to use Shiplap throughout your home

Jillian Harris's blog post dedicated to using Woodtone Shiplap and paneling on wall and ceiling applications throughout her entire home.
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When it comes to designing a home one of the things I love the most is planning out wall treatments! If you were to walk through our home you would notice that there really isn’t a bare wall in it! That’s simply for the fact that I love a good combo of molding, millwork, wallpaper, and shiplap! Truth be told, I’m a MASSIVE fan of shiplap, not only does it add texture to any room but it also adds so much character to a home by making it feel “lived in”, even a newly renovated home can have that aged or historic feel if you want it! We used shiplap from Woodtone in various ways throughout our home. From feature walls to ceilings, you can pretty much find it in almost every room! I’ll share how we used it in our home below!

Entryway & Pantry: Ceiling

We used V Groove shiplap from Woodtone on the ceiling of both our main entryway and our pantry for some added texture, check out the images below! Originally I had brought the V Groove in to be painted and I had every intention on painting this navy blue (for a fun unexpected pop of colour!) but as I was choosing a shade of blue I noticed they had been sanding it down and I absolutely LOVED the way it looked as is so I asked them to sand a few more spots down to give it that rustic weathered look and that’s exactly how we left it … sanded and unfinished!

Rumpus Room: Ceiling

When we were renovating our rumpus room in the basement I REALLY wanted them coffered with tongue and groove centers from Woodtone and even though our contractor told us our ceiling was too low to do this, I decided to go with my gut and move forward with it and I’m so happy I did! I love it adds a cozy farmhouse feel to this “man cave” of ours!

Mudroom and Spare Bedroom: Feature Wall

As a feature wall in both our downstairs spare bedroom and our back mudroom. Shiplap is a fantastic way to cover a big wall and give it that farmhouse country look. Not only does it look amazing aesthetically but by adding shiplap to your walls it also helps to make the wall more durable and prevent scratches which is great if you have a household like ours with two dogs and two kids who are always on the move!

The reason I decided to go with shiplap in our spare bedroom downstairs is that I wanted to give that space some personality but I also knew that there would be a good mix of people (with different styles!) staying in that room from Justin’s friends to my girlfriends and many members of our families. Shiplap, in my opinion, is a style that appeals to pretty much anyone, no matter the age!

 Exterior Porch & Back Deck: Ceilings

You can also use shiplap outdoors for the exterior of your home instead of flashing! We used it for the ceiling of our porch and on our back lower deck! Instead of keeping it white as we did inside, we painted it a nice grey which I find so classy and timeless and beautifully ties our home together!




Casa Uber Alles "Tiny Home" Project in Fredericksburg featuring Woodtone Fineline in Irish Cream.
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