RealPost™ SPF

Designed by builders and preferred by engineers as a structurally certified product, RealPostTM has become the new standard in single-family and multifamily applications. Manufactured from premium locally sourced SPF that has been finger-jointed, edge-laminated and pressed, the final product is warranted against warping, twisting and joint separation. Contact us for custom length availability.

  • SPF Combed
  • SPF Resawn
Profiles Available:
  • 4x4 resawn
  • 6x6 resawn
  • 8x8 resawn
  • 4x4 combed
  • 6x6 combed
  • 8x8 combed
Why RealPost™?
  • 15-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect
  • Structurally certified in Canada and US
  • Protects against warping, twisting and cracking
  • Great for porch posts, gazebos, pergolas or as decorative posts
Structural Certifications
Profile Lengths Pack Size
4×4 (3.5×3.5) 10′, 12′ 112
6×6 (5.5×5.5) 10′, 12′ 45
8×8 (7.25×7.25) 10′, 12′ 28
Load Table
Profile 10′ 12′
4×4 (3.5×3.5 – Solid) 1,511 lbs 1,164 lbs
6×6 (5.5×5.5) 11,638 lbs 9,534 lbs
8×8 (7.25×7.25) 19,894 lbs 17,652 lbs

Load table is based on allowable eccentrical loads at a moisture content of 19%.

Important Notes
  • RealPostTM products are manufactured from knotty SPF. If a blemish-free appearance is desired, we recommend filling the knots with putty and finishing with a solid color top coat.
  • Our 4×4 RealPostTM is a solid post product, while our 6×6 and 8×8 RealPostTM products are hollow.
  • RealPostTM products are available primed, an onsite topcoat is required for warranty to remain intact.
  • As a natural product, our warranty does not cover natural occurrences such as extractive, knot bleeding, variations in grain and color, knots, mineral streaks, and pitch pockets.
  • All material must be reviewed prior to installation. Woodtone will consider the installation of the product as final acceptance and will not honor any claims regarding said product.

Actual colors of product may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product. Due to color variability in computer and screen monitors, we have no liability if colors of the products do not match their display on the Site. To ensure you are happy with the color of the product, we suggest ordering a sample prior to placing your order. We reserve the right to change and discontinue Product at any time without notice.