RusticSeries™ Allura

RusticSeries™ Lap – Allura

RusticSeries™ Lap is the original two-tone lap siding option; Combining the natural warmth and beauty of wood with the durability of a fiber cement product. We give you an alternative to traditional solid colors with 18 two-tone color combinations on lap, shakes, and panels.

*The colors represented here may vary from actual product. Learn more.
  • Allura
Why RusticSeries™?
  • 20-year coating warranty in addition to manufacturer’s substrate warranty
  • 18 standard colors available to suit your project’s needs
  • Suggested caulking and trim colors provided
  • Unmatched appearance compared to traditional solid colors
  • Suitable for Single Family, Multi-family, and Commercial developments
  • More durable than vinyl
  • Allura Fiber Cement Lap Siding (5/16″ Thickness, textured):
    Width Length Exposure Weight Packaging
    5.25″ 12′ 4″ 12.9 lbs 360 pcs/unit
    6.25″ 12′ 5″ 15.4 lbs 308 pcs/unit
    7.25″ 12′ 6″ 17.8 lbs 252 pcs/unit
    8.25″ 12′ 7″ 20.3 lbs 230 pcs/unit
    9.25″ 12′ 8″ 22.7 lbs 190 pcs/unit
    12″ 12′ 10.75″ 29.5 lbs 160 pcs/unit
Important Notes
  • RusticSeriesTM replicates the natural beauty and warmth of real wood siding, while still preserving the strength and durability of composite products. Just like real wood siding, each substrate and profile of RusticSeriesTM will vary in terms of grain pattern and color.
  • Prior to placing an order, please ensure you’ve approved physical samples of the product.
  • Installation instructions are unique to the substrate manufacturer and should be found on their  website (Allura USA)
  • Woodtone will consider the installation of the product as final acceptance and will not honor any claims regarding said product.
  • Allura does not warrant product applications in the following states/provinces: Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Consequently, Woodtone will not ship this product to those locations.
Suggested Caulking

Color match caulking can be purchased through local dealers, or your local lumber yard. Review the recommended color match caulking HERE

Actual colors of product may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product. Due to color variability in computer and screen monitors, we have no liability if colors of the products do not match their display on the Site. To ensure you are happy with the color of the product, we suggest ordering a sample prior to placing your order. We reserve the right to change and discontinue Product at any time without notice.